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Store Reopening

What are the store hours for each TITAN store?

Here are the store hours for each of the TITAN Stores:

  • TITAN Fort – 11AM to 8PM, Monday to Sunday
  • TITAN Vertis – 10AM to 8PM, Monday to Sunday
  • TITAN Conrad – 10AM to 8PM, Monday to Sunday
  • TITAN Alabang – 10AM to 7PM, Monday to Sunday
  • TITAN Shangri-La – 11AM to 7PM, Monday to Sunday
  • TITAN Basketball Outlet Solenad – 10AM to 6PM, Monday to Sunday

What are the stores’ health measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

  • Customers are required to wear face masks to enter the store. No face mask, no entry.
  • Customers must use the stomp mat disinfectant before stepping inside the store.
  • Customers will have their temperatures checked with a contactless thermometer upon entry. Customers with a temperature of 37.5°C will not be allowed to enter the store and will be guided to the building clinic.
  • Customers are advised to sanitize upon entry.

How will social distancing be observed at the store?

  • A maximum number of customers are pre-determined and must be followed at any given time.
  • People inside the store must maintain at least 4 feet distance apart from each other.
  • Floor markers are provided to guide customers and staff on where to stand on during queueing.

How do I book a slot to enter the stores?

Customers may book their appointments ahead of time to minimize crowds & aid observance of social distancing. Book your slot at booktitan.as.me.

Are walk-in customers allowed?

Walk-in customers are discouraged. However, a separate queue will be in place for walk-ins in the event a time slot for booking is not filled. A line manager will be manning the queue outside of the store.

What are the guidelines once I’m inside the store?

  • Observing proper hygiene practices are highly encouraged.
  • Sanitization products will be made available for customers to use.
  • Contactless payment will be encouraged to minimize unnecessary physical interactions.
  • Store staff members will have authority to ask customers to exit the store if they don’t follow the guidelines implemented.
  • Customers are requested to exit the store once they are finished browsing or transacting their purchases so as to let others enter.
  • Loitering inside the store will not be allowed.

Will fitting products be allowed?

Fitting apparel and accessories will be prohibited during this time. For footwear products, fitting will be allowed given that the customer has his or her own socks prior to fitting.

Will the barbershop stores be operational during this time?

All TITAN Barbershops are now accepting appointments via titanbarbershop.as.me. Please read through the guidelines here.

I have a question that has not been answered by any item in this FAQ. Who do I contact?

You may contact [email protected] for further questions.

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