Nike Kyrie 7 EP 'Icons of Sport'

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    As a kid, Kyrie Irving's favorite ballplayer was his father, Drederick – but as he grew up, his list of hoop influences grew. The Kyrie 7 'Icons of Sport' pays homage to the heroes, mentors, and muses of the hardwood that have inspired Kyrie.

    Kyrie Irving is a creative force on and off the court. He needs his shoes to keep up with his playmaking, but also sync with his boundary-pushing style and ethos. Tuned for the next generation of energy return, control and speed, the Kyrie 7 helps players at all levels take advantage of their quick first step by optimizing the shoe's fit, court feel and banking ability.

    Play Contained

    Mesh details in the upper wrap around your foot for a close, comfortable fit that allows you to capitalize on your quickness. The laces feed through molded fins that pull down over your forefoot when you lace up.

    Quick First Step

    The large forefoot Zoom Air unit is curved and articulated to bend in multiple directions. It helps provide energy return for fast and responsive cornering.

    Data-Informed Traction

    The 360-degree, computer-generated traction pattern helps you stay in control and move in and out of cuts. The rubber wraps up along the inner foot to give you traction when changing directions.

    Padded collar provides support for your Achilles tendon.

Air Jordan 'Test'

Titan Electronic Raffle

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