Nike Zoom Freak 2 'Naija'

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    In Nigeria—the homeland of Giannis' parents—boundless potential, youthful exuberance and infectious charisma fuel national pride. Soccer is seen as a uniting force for these passions, providing Nigerians with an outlet for self-expression. Giannis’ late father, Charles, bonded with his sons through the beautiful game, furthering Giannis' own passion for the sport. This bright-hued homage nods to that connection by dressing the silhouette in the same colors and textures that grace the uniforms of the Nigerian national team. The result perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Naija: audacious, fast, fun, and stylish.

    A New Breed of Speed and Power

    The combination of Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot and soft, responsive foam helps you harness your power to speed down the court.

    Stable Euro Steps

    A molded TPU piece on the outer front is designed for one of Giannis' most effective moves. It helps contain and stabilize the foot through the Euro step motion.

    Lightweight and Flexible

    The outsole rubber is separated into 2 areas with a rigid, supportive piece in between. This helps reduce weight and improves flexibility.

    The names of Giannis and his 4 brothers (Alex, Francis, Thanasis and Kostas) are molded into the outsole.

    Rubberized heel clip helps you pull on the shoe.

    ""I am my father's legacy"" and Giannis' last name in Nigerian are molded on the heel clip.

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