Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 PF 'Family'

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    For Russ, finding personal greatness is an endless, character-defining journey accompanied by the undying love and support of his friends, family, and biggest fans. Every day is about cherishing the relationships and experiences in his life and continuing to be an inspiration for others to follow. When asking himself where and who he wants to be, it’s his family, friends, and fans who’ve always been by his side. Inspired by the most important people and communities in his life, the Jordan Why Not? Zer0.4 ""Family"" celebrates the belief that life is about connecting with those who matter the most.

    Double-Stacked Attack

    2 stacked Air Zoom units in the forefoot deliver the ultimate responsiveness and cushioning. They help optimize the energy return you get out of every step.

    Locked-In Lacing

    The laces combine with strips of webbing in the heel and forefoot. When you tighten the laces, the material engages to help you stay harnessed over the cushioning.

    Durable Traction

    The extra-durable rubber outsole is designed to play on outdoor courts. It's got a new, data-informed tread pattern that's designed to help keep you low to the ground and ready to react to the game's changing tempo.

    The outsole is split into sections to help reduce weight by using less rubber underfoot.

    The extra-durable outsole rubber is designed to play on concrete outdoor courts.

Air Jordan 'Test'

Titan Electronic Raffle

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