Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 'L.A. Born'

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    Russell Westbrook is bringing his typical unabashed energy to Chicago for the All-Star Game—so it makes sense that his feet also arrive in signature style. This special edition of the ""Why Not?"" Zer0.3 sports a vibrant, neon color scheme, nodding to the early ‘90s. Elephant print texture on the heel pays homage to the man who changed basketball in the Windy City forever. The result is a standout tribute to Russ’ California roots that refuses to blend in.

    Responsive for Russ

    Designed specifically for Russ, the large Air Zoom Turbo unit in the front of the shoe is curved to follow the foot's natural shape. As he charges down the court, the cushioning engages at different points for a continuously responsive sensation.

    Locked In and Stable

    A clear, adjustable midfoot strap fastens in one fluid motion to help keep you stable and locked in over the footbed.

    Signature Details

    The split outsole, jagged design lines and clashing mix of materials are distinct to Russ' signature line. Other embellishments include light-shifting accents and an exposed factory size tag visible on the bottom of the shoe.

    Keep Chaos Under Control

    The rubber outsole is split into 2 sections to help reduce weight. Multidirectional traction helps you stay in control while unleashing chaos on the court.

    The dual-layered textile material is lightweight and breathable, with areas of open mesh to expose underlayers.

    Rigid, molded plastic piece between the 2 outsole sections provides structure and support.

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