Before Titan opened its first location in 2010, the original vision for the store included another key element: a fully personal basketball jersey design studio that would allow consumers to create top level basketball uniforms like never before. But in order for the design studio to create the best basketball uniforms, it needed time and expertise. Real expertise that could only come from experience, coupled with a genuine respect for the smallest of details and an innate, obsessive approach to craftsmanship.

A chance phone call in 2012 forged the beginning of a symbiotic partnership between Titan and LGR Sportswear. Founded in 1988, LGR Sportswear has been outfitting top-level, elite athletes with high quality performance apparel across different sports for the past 25 years.

The Titan x LGR Design Studio is a unique, collaborative effort built on a shared love and commitment for basketball. Its objective is simple: to provide a highly personalized, bespoke sportswear experience unlike any other that reflects a strong desire to give consumers the power of choice.

PERSONALIZATION is the most basic level of service at the design studio. Clients who need basketball team uniforms in a hurry can come in and take their pick from a selection of Off-Rack athletic apparel. An advanced cutting and branding system in-studio can apply team and player names and numbers on the uniforms instantly.

FULL CUSTOMIZATION is where Titan x LGR separates itself from the rest of the field. The design studio offers basketball consumers a complete and personal design experience. Once a client books an appointment with a studio designer, every detail is considered: fabric, typefaces, graphic patterns, logos, collars, ribs, side panels, patchwork, no design stone is left unturned. The end result is a bespoke uniform design that is completely unique to the client and his team.

The Titan x LGR Design Studio is located at The Underground of the RONAC Art Center in San Juan and is open from Mondays to Saturdays, 12NN to 9PM.

Appointments and block reservations with the studio are highly encouraged and can be made by email (designstudio@titan22.com) or phone (+632 654 4264).

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