Nike Kyrie 6 EP 'Shutter Shades'

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    Culture got its first glimpse of slatted shades in the 1950s. They made a few comebacks over the years, and by the 2000s the wacky sunglasses had become a staple at concerts and other high-vis events, completing the cycle from fad to favourite. The Kyrie 6 'Shutter Shades' features a glow-in-the-dark heel and a colour-shifting Swoosh that make the shoe pop while nodding to the fashion trends of the new millennium.

    Sensational Responsiveness

    The Nike Air Zoom Turbo unit under the ball of the foot flexes in multiple directions, so it engages even when pushing off your edges and moving toward the basket. The lightweight foam midsole is soft, supportive, and helps to smooth the heel-to-toe transition.

    Locked In and Aligned

    An adjustable strap crosses over the laces to keep your foot stable over the footbed. The padded collar and heel counter lock in your ankle and help keep it aligned with your foot, so you can generate energy while making hard cuts.

    Agile, All-Angle Traction

    A multi-angle blade pattern on the outsole is designed to grip the court in all directions. The material extends up the sidewall, giving you the traction to roll onto your edges and change directions.

    Mesh forefoot material is lightweight and breathable.

    Plush, padded collar gives you a secure, ankle-conforming fit.

    External heel piece helps keep your ankle from slipping.

    Reinforced toe helps resist abrasion.

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