“Back to the Lab again yo"

Throughout his fifteen years in the league, LeBron James has done nothing but exceed expectations and succeed in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Some of it is due to his God-given physical gifts, his uncanny combination of speed and size and strength. Most of it, is because he has treated his body like the tool that it is - constantly sharpening, polishing, building and rebuilding it to battle the tests of time and injury.

The gym, as many of us know by now, is The King’s palace, his home, his church, his Lab.

Only fitting that The Lightning Lab re-opens to celebrate LeBron James and his unending pursuit of excellence. Many of his traits are shared by brothers and sisters of ours in this country. The willingness to work for every inch, the unbeatable optimism, the never-fading desire to strive for greatness. As Nike and King James pay tribute to the Filipino Agimat for the second straight year, we open the Lab to Nikko Ramos and Boom Gonzalez, who this time are joined by Jappy Parulan of Nike PH Sports Marketing and Gabe Norwood of Gilas Pilipinas.

From their interactions with the man himself, on-court, off-court, in public and in private, the table is served many a story about LeBron, about us all: hopeful hard workers, tenacious soldiers, resilient warriors.

Mula Mandirigma, Sa Mandirigma.

This is LeBron’s story.

This is our story.

Welcome back to The Lab.