Of the many quests in life, the finding of one’s purpose is almost always at the top of the list. And when Tinker Hatfield found his, he changed the landscape of sneaker culture forever. His insatiable appetite for creativity? The perfect yin to the yang that is Michael Jordan’s greatness.

Hatfield has always been - and will always be - ahead of the curve.

To celebrate re-imagined masterpieces by the man himself, Jordan Brand has brought back some Tinker classics and re-interpreted them onto classic Air Jordan silhouettes. It’s a tribute, a statement that screams of timelessness and the power of inspiration.

As we pay homage to the man himself and celebrate his unique approach to creativity, The Lightning Lab re-opens to a whole new set of people from different backgrounds and endeavors.

Highlighting the people that have served as beacons of light on their way to their respective triumphs, Mars Miranda, Chris Banchero, Julo De Guzman, and Chi Gibbs join Nikko Ramos on the table to tell their tales, share their creative heroes, and prove that everyone has and needs their own Tinker Hatfield.

They’ve found theirs.

Now ask yourself.

Who’s yours?