It’s a classic sit-com plotline: a bunch of attractive 20-somethings all finding their way in the big bad city.

Whether it’s music, fitness, sportscasting or flying (to the moon), these guys are climbing the ladders of their fields. They’re ascending to the elite. They’re more than ‘Next’. They’re ‘Now’ and ‘Here’ and unignorable.

Laced in the Jordan Proto Reacts that are as future-ready as them, the stars of our new favorite coming-of-age rom-com show are ready for their close-up.
Rehearsals are over.
It’s showtime
Meet the cast.
Meet the Come Up Kids.

Miggy Cruz

PR Wunderkid, Girlfriend-Photography Expert

“It challenges people like me who recently entered the PR industry – I have to be more creative, find the best way to make the brands that you work with stand out. For me, it’s really about making that connection”

Katz Salao

Fitness Coach, Radio Ray of Sunshine

“That’s my goal. It’s always been about how people feel more than how they look. If you’re already putting yourself through stress and you don’t feel good, then how do you ever find out it’s worth it? It’s really about feeling good as a person and being proud of what your body can do.”

Rammy Bitong

Your Favorite DJ’s Favorite Young DJ

“It’s exciting, but at the same time it’s also nerve-wracking. I get to do it together with the more veteran DJs, those who are already very well-known. And I think that’s good for me because I’m very much challenged. I get to make the point that just because I’m young and new, doesn’t mean I’m going to stay at that certain level. With them around me, I force myself to improve, to get better.”

Martin Javier

Play-by-Play Rookie of the Year. Unanimous.

“It took me awhile to get here. It’s a product of my hard work. The first time I auditioned for court side reporting, I didn’t get the cut. I was heartbroken. I was a little discouraged back then, but I came back years after. It’s all about persistence, not stopping until you get what you want and you achieve your goals.”

Chino Roque

An Actual Astronaut. Sky-Soaring Pilot.

“There was a feeling of sense of accomplishment because you worked so hard to be ‘The first Filipino astronaut.’ It was basically something that took time to register because of all the responsibilities that would come my way. I knew that I’d be representing so many people – it would be a milestone not just for me, not just the country, but all around the world.”

Carla Lizardo

Sports Reporting Smash. Sideline Gamer.

“When I entered the sports broadcasting industry, the landscape was completely different. There’s a long way to go but it’s just great for women to just have the opportunity to be credible, to show that we know what we’re doing, and that we’re strong women in the industry and we can prove that on and off the court.”

This summer, six young go-getters are aiming for the moon.
Watch them take off.

The Come Up Kids.
Coming to screens near you.

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