Designer Jason Petrie has worked with LeBron James for more than a decade. Their collective output includes every LeBron signature from the 7 on, as well as contribution to the ever-popular LeBron Soldier series. Not surprisingly, the longevity of work realizes a near telepathic bond. Now with the LeBron 15, including new colorways like the LeBron 15 'Pride of Ohio,' Petrie and James have found a groove not only in the familiar but also in where to push boundaries.

"We have three adages," says designer Jason Petrie regarding designing for King James. "'Lock me down so I can fly,' which came straight from LeBron; 'Protect me from myself,' which relates to how we build for season-long comfort; and 'Make me light.' We try to keep those rules steady and make sure that we address them in all of his products. But we always want to be open to new ways to build a shoe."

"We always want the overall vibe of LeBron’s shoe to be aggressive, stylish, modern and classic. BattleKnit, with its texture and dimension, defined the aesthetic from the get-go. We let that organic nature of the knit take us to that really aggressive diamond chainmail type of look," says Petrie. That look comes to life on the LeBron 15 'Pride of Ohio,' as red accents contrast the BattleKnit upper and bright midsole of the home state hero's latest signature.

The Nike LeBron 15 'Pride Of Ohio' releases in store and on TITAN22.COM on November 18, 2017. Stay tuned to @titan_22 on Instagram for news and updates on its release.