When Travis Scott was asked to create his own AF-100 design, one of the first things he expressed was wanting to incorporate his status as the ‘acid of rap.’ This idea immediately led the design team to think of ways to take the classic and trip it out. “I'm more of like a psychedelic. More so like a spaz out,” Travis reveals. “I only go that crazy at shows. That's really what it is. It's not like I'm breaking shit in the house all day.”

Understanding Scott’s demeanor on the stage and off it helped cultivate a unique look for his AF-100 design. A Houston workwear-inspired white canvas upper represents Scott’s focused side and his demeanor when he’s putting in work and creating every day. On the other side of the spectrum, Scott is as energetic as it gets. When he’s in the ‘acid of rap’ state of mind he describes, he’s all over the stage and crazier than ever. This side of his juxtaposition comes to life with multi-color reflective detailing hidden throughout the upper. When the lights shine bright, the reflective detailing ignites the subtle piping throughout the upper.

Furthering the embodiment of Scott’s energizing side, the AF-100 includes removable Velcro Swoosh logos. Options include a smoke-to-flames graphic and a large chrome Swoosh. Additionally, removable tongue patches nod to Scott’s Cactus Jack Records. At the laces, a lace dubrae takes inspiration from his grill. Simple yet detailed. Subtle yet vibrant. The Travis Scott x Air Force 1 Low design perfectly reflects the unique sides of his personality while staying true to the white-on-white color scheme that has defined the AF-1.

The Air Force 1 'Travis Scott' releases exclusively at the Titan X Nike Pop-Up Space for Php 7,645 via a special AF-100 raffle. Click here to learn how to join the raffle.