Full Court 21 All-World // Manila from Titan 22 on Vimeo.

Written by: Raymond Canteras

No teammates. You against the world.

The past weekend, Titan Love Court hosted the very first Full Court 21 in the Philippines. Originated by New York City street ball legend Bobbito Garcia, Full Court 21 brings out the skills in all aspects of the game from every player. Good outside shooting and height can help but hard work is the key to excel in this unique game play.

Brought together by the same passion for the game of basketball, individuals of all ages came through to participate in the afternoon-long tournament. Some of them used to play in varsity teams, handful consider themselves as the weekend warriors and others just want to try out how Full Court 21 goes.

In this game format, one must score 21 points or have the highest score among everyone else after 15 minutes of play. To get the score of 21 though, the player has to break the ice by hitting a shot from the top of the key and then making a three pointer for game point. If the player misses, play is live and he’ll have another chance of breaking the ice and shoot for the game if he makes another field goal. The rest of the rules remain the same as a normal basketball game — fouls are fouls, walking without dribbling is a traveling violation and going out of bounds is a turnover.

All elimination games were played in a half court while the championship game was full court. It was one against three, four or five and everyone played hard all throughout the whole afternoon. A player just needed one win in the eliminations to advance to the next round where 18 players move one step closer to the championship.

In the early rounds, Raegan Libed, Jemar Ramos and Amiel Takagi stood out by winning two of their elimination round games but only Amiel survived in the playoff round to move on to the finals to play against five more players.

Despite some early struggles in the eliminations round, former UP Fighting Maroon Mikee Reyes finished the tournament as the champion by putting his speed and outside shooting in full display to win the full court contest.

Scroll down for more photos by Gio Cruz from last weekend’s Full Court 21.