The Air Jordan II strips down but stays true to its roots as the original luxury sneaker. While this deconstructed version sheds the exotic leather that made it so polarizing in 1986, it replaces it with a rich suede for a lighter but equally luxurious look and feel.


The Air Jordan II connected the worlds of basketball and luxury footwear like no shoe had before. Designed with exotic leather and fashioned in Italy, it overcame early doubts and started a trend that hasn't ceased to gain momentum. Now it returns in a premium suede construction that strips down but stays true to its roots as a luxury sneaker.


The concept of luxury sneakers is alive and well in 2017, but it had yet to be realized when the Air Jordan II dropped in 1986. With its exotic leather and Italian craftsmanship, the shoe was polarizing to some, but the bridge it built between luxury and basketball sees a ton of traffic today. The newest version strips the original down to its essence, trading the leather construction for a premium suede.


Released in 1986, the Air Jordan II was the first shoe of its kind. The Italian-made model featured a quality of materials and a level of craftsmanship never before seen on the court. Now, decades later, it returns at a time when the luxury-sneaker revolution it started is stronger than ever. A new deconstructed design and premium suede material deliver a lighter but equally luxurious look.

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