Going worldwide. From New York , to Japan, Bobbito Garica's Full Court 21 makes it to Manila for the first time ever.

On July 22-23, 2017, Titan Love Court will open its gates for ballers 18 years old and up in search for the country's first Full Court 21 Champion.

Full Court 21 Rules

Three to seven players on the court per game. No teammates.

Multiple defenders guard whichever player has the ball.

// Duration: 7:30 per half

// Elimination Rounds: Half Court – The ball must be cleared by going behind the three point line every change of possession. An offensive rebound can go straight up without taking having to clear the ball again.

// Championship Rounds: Full Court – The ball goes the opposite direction every change of possession. An offensive rebound can go straight up the same basket.

// A player who commits a flagrant/technical/intentional foul will be benched for two minutes and will return to the court afterwards.

// A player will be disqualified from the game after committing three personal fouls.

// First to 21 or player with highest score after 15 minutes wins.

// In case of a tie at the end of 15 minutes, only the highest scorers will shoot to determine the winner.

// No subs or time-outs. Play at your own pace.


// Field goals are worth two points.

// After a made field goal or a foul in the act of shooting, the player shoots a free throw. If the player makes the free throw, he shoots another one. After three makes in a row, player will be awarded with the ball back.

// If the player misses a free throw, whether it’s the first, second or third attempt, ball goes live and back in play.

// When a player scores 20, they have “point” and gets to “break ice” by attempting a free throw from the top of the key.

// On a “break ice” make, they can win the game by hitting a shot from the top of the three-point line.

// Ball back in play if the player misses either the “break ice” attempt or “game point” attempt and the player remains with “point.”

// Player has to make both the “break ice” and “game point” shots after a made field goal to win the game.

// A player cannot tally more than 20 points with field goals or foul shots. If a player has 19 points and hits a field goal, that shot only counts as 1 point. If a “break ice” shot is missed, the player who scores another field goal or foul shot stays at 20 points, or with “point.”


// A flagrant/technical/intentional foul bench a player for two playing minutes.

// Three personal fouls disqualify a player out of the game.

// A player called for game delay will get a warning; second delay will result in a technical foul. Holding the ball/excessive dribbling without intent to score and/or to make the clock run out will also be considered delays of game.


// Two or more players with two hands on a loose ball will result in a dead ball, and possession will be determined by a jump ball (ball toss in the backboard).

// In event of offensive player committing a dribbling violation (traveling, double dribble), the closest defender will be rewarded possession. If two or more defenders are equidistant at moment of violation, possession will be determined by a jump ball by those defenders (ball toss in the backboard).

// When the offense is shooting a free throw, players are allowed to wait for the rebound in the paint on a first to position basis, however must hold their position once the ball is handed to the shooter and can not move until the ball is released into the air.

// When the offense is shooting a free throw, the defense can distract the shooter with words, however can not jump, touch the ball, attempt to block, or in any way obstruct the view of the rim.

// No defensive hand checking is allowed on the ball or off, during boxing out for rebounds, etc. Play fair!