Digital Content Specialist

Job Description:

The Digital Content Specialist (DCS) is a key role in furthering Titan’s online presence. The DCS, along with the senior business unit manager (Digital), will be managing overall content for, to ensure seamless and timely integration with brand objectives.

The DCS will take the lead in content creation for the website including webstore product photography, blog roll content, social media platforms, newsletter, and general website material, making sure that all output are of high standards and craftsmanship.

To be successful in day-to-day tasks, the dcs must have a deep sensibility in design as well as a key eye on details, must have a premium level of taste with his/her aesthetic selection and thought process, and must have high awareness on cadences and timelines.


- Must be a college graduate (preferably of any design or business course)

- Has advanced knowledge and skills in design software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

- Able to do product photography

- Preferably has had experience in Copy Writing and Photography

Merchandising Executive
Titan Retail Stores

The Titan Merchandising team is responsible for elevating merchandising excellence by creating consumer right assortments that excite the consumer. With a deep understanding of customer insights and behaviors, they are able to craft correct product mixes for each of Titan’s retail stores, as well as the digital platform.

Titan merchandising executives are responsible for inventory and product line management specific to the business unit assigned to them. As leaders of their respective business unit, they are able to strategically create analytical reports, price and competitive analyses, as well as manage other relevant information that are critical to both the team’s and company’s decisions.

With their ability to comprehend trends, they are able to grow and develop their business unit in a way that contributes to Titan’s overall growth.


- Must be a college graduate of a 4-year course

- Experience in merchandising or retail would be an advantage

- An effective communicator fluent in English and Filipino

- Possesses advanced Excel skills

- Must have strong analytical and problem solving skills

- Coachable and quick learner

- Passionate about the game and basketball products

Product Specialist
Titan Retail Stores

The Product Specialist is a brand ambassador and front liner of the Titan Retail team, primarily responsible for delivering premium, high quality customer service at the store level and maintaining an excellent standard for the store’s overall upkeep.

The Product Specialist is responsible for converting casual customers into loyal consumers and consistently contributes to his store team’s performance objectives through extensive product knowledge and exceptional customer assistance.

Preferred Skills:

- Male, 20 – 29 years old

- Preferably a college graduate

- Must have good communication skills in both English and Filipino

- Must be a great team player

- Proven to be honest, hardworking and highly self-motivated

- Preferably has a strong passion for basketball and extensive knowledge on basketball products and is constantly updated on basketball-related news and information

Titan Retail Stores

The Cashier is a vital member of the Titan Retail team and is in charge of the overall cash management responsibilities in the store. The Cashier must have a reliable mastery of the store’s Point-Of-Sale system and must be familiar with the full range of payment options to handle all customer transactions efficiently and effectively. The Cashier is also responsible for the preparation and timely submission of daily, weekly and monthly Sales Reports, a critical document that is required in making correct business and store management decisions.

Preferred Skills:

- Female, 19 – 29 years old

- Preferably a college graduate

- Must have good communication skills in both English and Filipino

- Must be a great team player

- Proven to be honest, hardworking and highly self-motivated

- Must have previous cashiering experience handling various payment methods

- Detail-oriented individual with strong computational skills and a basic understanding of numbers

Store Manager / Assistant Store Manager
Titan Retail Stores

The Store Manager / Assistant Store Manager is in charge of the overall management of their assigned store and is responsible for upholding the brand’s identity and policies.

As a leader and role model, this individual must exemplify Titan’s values and perform all required tasks with a high standard of excellence. The Store Manager / Assistant Store Manager equips all of the store’s team members with the proper knowledge of the company’s products and processes and through constant training, supervision and guidance.

This role is expected to maintain a high level of service by establishing and enforcing organization standards for the store. Must also be able to resolve conflicts and address complaints with confidence and clarity.

The Store Manager / Assistant Store Manager must constantly motivate their store team to work together to achieve performance targets and service objectives set by the company.

Preferred Skills:

- Must be a college graduate

- Must have strong communication skills in both English and Filipino

- Possesses excellent leadership qualities and must be a great team player

- Proven to be honest, hardworking and highly self-motivated

- Must have above average computational and analytical skills

- Service-oriented and customer-friendly individual

- Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office applications, similar but not limited to Microsoft Word and Excel

- Must have previous managerial experience (at least one (1) year) in a service or retail establishment


In Titan’s internship program, undergraduate and graduate students get a full immersion into the brand’s culture and promise - to bring the best basketball products in the world whilst sharing the most inspiring stories. Interns interact with the people behind the brand, unified and driven by the love for the game where they get first-hand experience in the retail business and sporting goods industry in the first and only basketball specialty concept store in the Philippines. Interns work on teams such as Sales, Operations, Design, Merchandising, Finance, Human Resources, Digital, and Events Management.

Internship opportunities may be available at different points of the year depending on business needs and projects available for participation.

Titan Barbershop

The receptionist is a new role being introduced as the front-line of the Titan Barbershop experience. This individual must embody the same Titan values and elevated customer service level the retail force is known for.

The receptionist is responsible for managing all Titan Barbershop appointments, transactions, and records. Excellent organization skills are essential in fulfilling these responsibilities.

Reliable, patient, and confident, the receptionist is expected to be presentable and able to carry themselves professionally at all times. The ideal candidate must be passionate in servicing customers and meeting their needs. As the first and last line in the Titan Barbershop experience, customer satisfaction throughout the process is always the main objective.

Preferred Skills:

- Female, 19-29 years old

- Must have a pleasing personality

- Preferably a college graduate

- Previous experience in customer service or front desk is an advantage

- Possesses excellent oral and written communication skills in both English and Filipino

- Must have great organizational skills

- Works well under pressure and properly manages customer complaints